The Last RFP Guide You Will Ever Need

This RFP guide has been produced after years of responding to Requests for Proposals from a wide range of clients across multiple industries asking us for various services ranging in complexity. The requests always seem to be very, very different from formatting, tonality and level of preparation. In an effort to improve the RFP process for everyone to ensure a higher quality outcome with less wasted effort, DO decided to put together this RFP Guide to HELP YOU simplify the RFP process and put together a document that you can be proud of.

By accessing this RFP Guide readers should be able to achieve the following key objectives:

  • Understand what matters to agencies during the RFP process
  • Clearly articulate what the writer needs from an Agency
  • Gain knowledge gleaned from 1000’s of RFP requests over years of receipt
  • Learn very quickly what works / what doesn’t work
  • Achieve higher quality responses from Agency partners with less back and forth